Social & Medical Service Centers


1982 – Present


South Lebanon

Hariri Foundation established several social and medical service centers across Saida in order to support the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health and Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs in providing healthcare and psychosocial services to underserved areas across South Lebanon. Following a mass survey conducted among local households to assess their social and health needs, 3 centers were established in Saida, including in Saida’s historic district, Taamir Ein El Hilweh, and the Dekerman area. Up until 2014, the Ein El Hilweh center served as the key social medical center servicing the beneficiaries of South Lebanon. The centers offered a wide range of services, including primary health care clinics, specialist clinics, cardiac units, minor surgery, vaccination, radiology, nursing services, dentistry, dietetic services, phlebotomy services, pharmacy, psychosocial support and social services.

The centers’ establishment and expansion have greatly contributed to improving healthcare access in South Lebanon. Today, the Hariri Social & Medical Center in Saida’s historic district remains to be Hariri Foundation’s only primary healthcare center offering social & medical services to beneficiaries from South Lebanon to this day.

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